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Business in Bauska and Zemgale is set for a new boost

Bauska has always been an active business district – already in the Middle Ages, merchants and craftsmen from all over the world were active here. Nowadays, business activity is increasing, but soon, thanks to Rail Baltica and Bauska Industrial and Logistics Park (BILP), both business opportunities and the scope of implemented projects will expand.

Trust is at the heart of everything

The compound fodder factory SIA “Lielzeltiņi” on the outskirts of Bauska, Ceraukste District, is one of the largest companies in Bauska Region, belonging to the same concern as the poultry factory “Ķekava”. The design of a biomethane production plant has just started. It is planned to invest € 12-14 million there.

Andrjus Pranckevičs, Chairman of the Board of the company, describes the residents of the municipality as reliable cooperation partners and real fighters. “Knowing the farmers and partners we work with in Bauska, Bauska Municipality and Zemgale, I can definitely say that they have a special gene that gives them the strength and will to fight.” The entrepreneur stresses that the people of Zemgale can be trusted, not only on a business or personal level, but also on a municipal level. “We have very good support from the local government, and we feel it in the development of new projects, both historically and currently. In our times, good relationships and trust are highly valued. There are farmers with whom I can arrange everything over the phone or shake hands in person, and no contracts need to be signed – we know the agreement will be honoured. They expect the same from us. The fact that we have this level of trust in each other makes me very happy; we look into each other’s eyes and know that we will make it.”


The most important resource – people

SIA “Bauskas alus” is one of the business leaders in Bauska Municipality and a brand that is well known in Latvia and beyond. Nils Kazaks, Member of the Board of SIA “Bauskas alus”, also emphasises the availability of quality workforce and successful cooperation with the local government as an important factor for successful business development. “Availability of labour is an essential component of the business environment. We have been lucky because the team of SIA “Bauskas alus” consists of competent, long-term and responsible employees who demonstrate high loyalty to the brand, the employer and Bauska Municipality.” Kazaks stresses that the experience of cooperation with local and national authorities is also positive. “We are faced with clear requirements and a welcoming attitude. As a company, it is also important for us to be present and support cultural, entertainment and sporting events in Bauska Municipality.”

Development is a must!

Speaking about the development plans of the municipality, both entrepreneurs agree that Bauska Industrial and Logistics Park is an important project for the development of the municipality. Nils Kazaks believes that Bauska’s location and available infrastructure certainly open up a wide range of opportunities in logistics. Successful cooperation between the local government and business can harness this potential and ensure the development of Bauska as a logistics centre. The Head of SIA “Bauskas alus” emphasises: “Any initiative that promotes the development of the business environment in Bauska Municipality is important and welcome. More successful companies means more opportunities for the development of the municipality, for the Latvian economy as a whole, and for each Bauska resident personally. We will certainly follow the development of this project and assess the potential for future cooperation.”

Andrjus Pranckevičs believes that such a project should have been implemented earlier. “Shouldn’t have waited so long! Yes, we are at a crossroads, but there has been no serious development in transport and logistics so far.” However, the future outlook in this area seems promising for the entrepreneur. “It’s good that we won the Rail Baltica stop in Bauska. As I understand, the original project did not envisage it in Bauska, but now it is included. Like BILP – we have discussed this with the local government and we believe in this project. It is not for nothing that we allocated our land for this use, so that the local government could build a road to BILP. I think that development there is a must!”

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