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Uzvaras strret 1, Bauska

Bauskas nov., LV - 3901

Many Latvian and European companies are born and are growing in Bauska. It is even said that Bauska residents have a special business gene, but these success stories are also based on objective circumstances – the fertile, abundant land of the Bauska region and its special geographical location have always made it possible to forge big plans and ...

Bauska has always been an active business district – already in the Middle Ages, merchants and craftsmen from all over the world were active here. Nowadays, business activity is increasing, but soon, thanks to Rail Baltica and Bauska Industrial and Logistics Park (BILP), both business opportunities and the scope of implemented projects will expand.

Bauska is a city at a crossroads – thousands of tonnes of transit cargo from Poland, the Baltic states and Europe pass through the municipality every day. The city’s special geographical location and business traditions are at the heart of an ambitious project – Bauska Industrial and Logistics Park.

Bauska Municipality
A fertile environment for business growth

Address: Uzvaras iela 1, Bauska, Bauskas nov., LV - 3901
Tel: 28025249, 28343312

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