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Bauska Industrial and Logistics Park – the future business backbone of Zemgale

Bauska Industrial and Logistics Park could become an important factor, not only for the future development of Bauska, but also for the development of the entire Zemgale Region.

Zemgale is not called the bread barn of Latvia for nothing – the production of agricultural products and the bioeconomy is a key sector for the whole region, as well as for Bauska Municipality, where significant investments have been made over the last decade, which is reflected in the increase in production volumes. Zemgale is the largest grain-producing region, with higher average fertility than other regions. Its rich cultural heritage makes the region attractive for cultural and historical tourism. Bauska ranks among the cities visited by the largest number of foreign tourists in the annual tourism statistics.
Thousands of trucks from all over the world pass through Bauska every day; a Rail Baltica stop will be built here and there is a plan to build a Bauska bypass to divert transit traffic out of the city. Thanks to its geographical location, Bauska can be called a city at a crossroads – where roads from Poland and Lithuania to Riga and Estonia meet. All of these factors combine to make Bauska a fertile environment for business. This is why the future Bauska Industrial and Logistics Park (BILP) has the potential to become a project not only for Zemgale, but even for the entire Baltic region.



Fertile land, not just for farming

Bauska is located in the middle of a large agricultural region (both in Latvia and Lithuania) and its development has so far been closely linked to the production and processing of agricultural products.
Thanks to the favourable logistics and resources, a number of food producers of Baltic significance operate in Bauska Region: the largest producer of eggs and egg products in Northern Europe AS “Balticovo”, producer of chicken meat, chicken products and high-quality fodder SIA “Lielzeltiņi” (“Linas Agro Group”), four large pig farming complexes, and one of the leading producers of compound fodder SIA “LRS Mūsa”. Producer of beer and non-alcoholic beverages SIA “Bauskas Alus”. SIA “Baltic Dairy Board” specialises in the production and sale of high value-added dairy product ingredients and the separation of milk and whey.


Entrepreneurs – the pride of Bauska

Ilze Tijone, Head of the Development and Planning Department of Bauska Municipality, emphasises that Bauska residents are proud of their entrepreneurs, who pass on their skills and continue what they have started for generations: “The residents appreciate the fact that entrepreneurs not only do business, but also support cultural, sporting and other activities in the region. These are strong people and families who in addition to proving themselves at work, also take an active part in social life.
Tijone reveals that Bauska entrepreneurs had a hand in forging the legendary bronze medal, and in the most literal sense – the organisers of the 2023 World Ice Hockey Championships entrusted the production of all three medals to a local family business from Bauska – SIA “GEKA”.


Local government is thinking about new business opportunities

Entrepreneurship is one of the key prerequisites for sustainable growth in municipalities and an important contributor to the well-being and rising living standards of residents. Ilze Tijone emphasises that Bauska Municipality understands the contribution of entrepreneurship and values the contribution of this sector to the development of the region: “As a result of the administrative-territorial reform, we have combined all the positive experience that each of the local municipalities had in the creation of the new regional municipality.”
One of the most ambitious projects of the local government – the future Bauska Industrial and Logistics Park (BILP) – is a big step towards cooperation between the local government and business. The vast territory has all the communications and access roads needed for entrepreneurs to build their own projects – factories, warehouses and logistics centres. The project could transform Bauska from a transit city into a major logistics and manufacturing hub, becoming the backbone of business for the whole region. Ilze Tijone emphasises that the Rail Baltica project of national importance, as well as Bauska Industrial and Logistics Park, will increase employment in the construction, service, industry and other sectors, as well as create opportunities for the future growth of the territory.

Bauska Municipality
A fertile environment for business growth

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