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Businesses grow best where roads meet


The total area reaches 105 ha, of which 80 ha are intended for industrial construction and 20 ha for commercial construction. The park is divided into parcels with land plots from 1 ha to 40 ha in area.

Bauska Industrial and Logistics Park will be a modern business center located in the Bauska Municipality, offering ample opportunities for entrepreneurs. BILP will bring together different companies from different industries, creating a dynamic and challenging business environment.

The strategic location, excellent logistics, and transport infrastructure of Bauska Industrial and Logistics Park provide diverse export channels, allowing companies to manage the flow of goods effectively.

The park's infrastructure is well-developed, providing high-quality logistics and industrial services. It features modern production plants, warehouses, and office premises that meet international standards. In addition, proximity to transport hubs and good access to major roads contribute to the efficient flow of goods.

Bauska Industrial and Logistics Park also offers an ecologically sustainable approach, integrating modern technologies and energy-efficient solutions. It promotes companies' competitiveness and compliance with environmental protection standards.

In the future, BILP will be a center of business and an engine of the local economy, creating jobs and promoting regional development. However, Bauska Municipality is already an attractive prospect for investors seeking a prime location and a forward-thinking, sustainable environment to cultivate their future business success.


BILP is situated within the city limits of Bauska and is intersected by the well-lit, asphalted Lidlauka Street. Improvements: electricity supply, natural gas, water supply, domestic sewerage, and communication sewerage infrastructure.

20 kV power line and several 20/0.4 kV transformer substations, which ensure quick installation of the power grid connection, with a capacity of up to 1MW (AS ​​Distribution Network);

medium pressure gas pipeline (AS GASO);

water pipe, drinking water, and domestic sewage (municipality);

communication sewer infrastructure (municipality).


Bauska Municipality has initiated negotiations with potential investors regarding the creation of additional necessary infrastructure.

Easy access to expansive markets

Opportunities for exporting to the EU and Scandinavia.

“Bauska Industrial and Logistics Park has a great future, especially when the ring road and Rail Baltica are built."

“ Bauska's location and available infrastructure certainly open up wide possibilities in logistics. ”

“I see no reason why development should not take place in Bauska Industrial and Logistics Park.”

Bauska Municipality
A fertile environment for business growth

Address: Uzvaras iela 1, Bauska, Bauskas nov., LV - 3901
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