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Business thrives in Bauska. What lies behind the region’s success stories?

Many Latvian and European companies are born and are growing in Bauska. It is even said that Bauska residents have a special business gene, but these success stories are also based on objective circumstances – the fertile, abundant land of the Bauska region and its special geographical location have always made it possible to forge big plans and attract entrepreneurs from other regions as well.


Local government – an important support point for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs recognise that Bauska is a good place to build their business. It is due to the geographical location and successful cooperation with local government. This is also emphasised by Kaspars Kazāks, Member of the Board of SIA “KIK Asset Management”: “I can only say the best things about the local government. There are issues where Bauska Municipality is ahead of others with the positive decisions it has taken, which are focused on the future.”

Ģirts Karpovičs, founder and board member of SIA “Kvēle”, also admits that the local government is favourable to business, although, with the establishment of the large municipality, there is more than enough work. However, as the entrepreneur admits, despite this, the local government supports entrepreneurs as much as possible and, if necessary, does not refuse help. “In return, we help them. It’s a collaboration”.



Is there such a thing as a Bauska entrepreneur gene?

Kaspars Kazāks believes that this claim is not without foundation. “I felt my “business gene” at the age of 16-17, but I set up my first LLC at the age of 20, thus starting my entrepreneurial career. I am currently actively working and preparing to implement a new business idea in Bauska, investing more than € 6.5 million in the project. This is related to the increase of the residential stock in Bauska in order to provide a quality living space for young professionals, including those who will work in the future Bauska Industrial and Logistics Park.”


Work for your municipality

Kaspars Kazāks believes it is important to work for your municipality. “I was born in Bauska, spent my childhood here, and received my initial education here, so my focus has always been on Bauska – with my business ideas and projects.”

Ģirts Karpovičs also agrees that belonging to your municipality is important. “Bauska has the right environment for business. “Kvēle” operates throughout Latvia – the company deals with electrical installation and other works related to electricity, from cables to transformers and solar parks. We build and maintain everything to do with electricity. But our base is Bauska – because I live here. It’s as simple as that!”


BILP – a project with high potential

Entrepreneurs believe that one of the cornerstones of the future development of the municipality will be Bauska Industrial and Logistics Park (BILP). Construction work is already underway on a European gold-standard car park and leisure complex for long-distance drivers. The territory of the park features all the necessary infrastructure and access roads, and a gas connection is also possible. Both logistics warehouses and production facilities are planned in the territory of BILP, which will provide future jobs for the residents of Bauska and the municipality. Kaspars Kazāks is optimistic about the project: “The first business project there is already underway, which is a good sign for other applicants. Given its good location, it will give a push to develop our business there.”

Ģirts Karpovičs sees that the potential of BILP could be industrial development. “Why logistics and not industry? If the problems with the power networks are solved and the residential stock is secured, investors will definitely be attracted. I would like to see industry in BILP, not just warehouses.”

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